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Maîtres Cube Inc.  is a trusted organization, versatile and competent. We are experts in the manufacturing of wooden crates, boxes and pallets, but we also expand our expertise in the encasing, the stowage, vacuum packing, container blocking and bracing. In the summer season, we also do the construction of terraces, patios and sheds. All our services are customized to your requirements and needs.

The expertise and the experience of our team is the key to the success of the company, without forgetting its unique and personalized service based on listening to our clientele and their satisfaction. The attention that we pay to the details certainly makes a difference.


Commonly known as "THE SHOP", the workshop of 5.000 sq ft has all the tools, machinery, and the space required for the creation and manufacturing of our products.
The company is also involved along with its partners in transport starting with the pickup of the merchandise up to delivery of the goods, and this service is offered all around the globe. The design of the wooden crates is tailored specifically for your product and your needs.




Our quality criterias are based on our experience and the safety of your products remains our priority throughout the process.
All packaging conceptions are customized, manufactured in Quebec, with quality components and the risks are never under-estimated, it is guaranteed!

Sealing is one of our niches of expertise. All electronic equipment, fragile or sensitive to moisture can therefore be vacuum packed and shipped, without fear, everywhere in the world.

In addition, everything will be packaged in such an esthetic manner that will ensure a beautiful presentation of shipped products.



Respecting the legislation for international shipping, all of our packagings are certified ISPM-15. This standard allows preserving and protecting the ecosystems of other countries, using heat treated wood.





The clientele comes from different sectors, such as the industrial, commercial and services to individuals.




Joël Tremblay

Germain Tremblay
Operations Director

Rosane Pineault
Administrative assistant

Denis Gauthier
Transport and logistics